Radar signal processing, distribution, tracking and simulation

dspnor is an independent employee owned company located in Bergen, Norway. Our area of expertise is radar signal processing and distribution. Our products are capable of interfacing to virtually any radar system in use today.

Our product line ranges from high performance display stimulator boards to highly sophisticated track extractors.

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ScanServer Dynamic – Automatic Radar Tracker for Situational Awareness

Born and bred in the Norwegian Sea, the ScanServer Dynamic is an all weather Plot Extractor and Multiple Hypothesis Tracker.

It is probably the most sophisticated automatic radar tracker on the market today. It’s performance is second to none, and with more than 300 installations of it’s Coastal Surveillance counterpart it has already proven it’s reliability and low cost of ownership.

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ScanServer Dynamic

ScanStreamer – Analog Radar to LAN Converter / Processor

The extremely versatile ScanStreamer unit can connect to virtually any radar transceiver on the market without any converters. It is designed to directly interpret the proprietary protocols used by the different manufacturers, and supports remote control of some. The data is distributed using ASTERIX CAT-240.

The filter module contains IR, STC, FTC, OSCFAR. The unit is EN60945 approved, cyber enhanced and offers an extremely low cost of ownership. It is also available in OEM versions using dedicated protocols.

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DeStreamer MK II