Signal Converters for Legacy Systems

Dspnor recently supplied more than 20 custom designed Radar Signal Converters (RSCC) with a multitude of functions:

  • Radar Video Protocol Translation
  • Radar Control Protocol Translation
  • Inertial Navigation Data to High Speed NMEA Translation (SAGEM)
  • High Speed NMEA to Inertial Navigation Data Translation

Although most radar task these days are performed using networks, there are still requirements for analog solutions. The Radar Signal Converter (RSCC) has been around for more than 20 years, has been updated several times, is IEC945 / EN60945 approved and is used for a multitude of Radar and Sensor Tasks on Land, Air and Sea.
In addition to Radar Signal Conversion the RSCC also works as a Pre-Trigger Combiner for Sensitive Equipment and Radar Beacons.

You may have a closer look at the RSCC here.

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