About dspnor

Dspnor is an independent employee owned company located in Bergen, Norway. Our area of expertise is radar signal processing and distribution. Our products are capable of interfacing to virtually any radar system in use today. The product line ranges from high performance display stimulator boards to highly sophisticated track servers.

Several of our products are in OEM production and our customers have a large library of Intellectual Property to choose from when a product is forged in close cooperation with our developers. Our clients are located all over the world, and our export share is about 90%. We have a very high recurring customer rate.

Our Vision

  • To become a leading provider of components for radar simulation and processing
  • To become a center of excellence for custom design services in close collaboration with our partners

Our Product Portfolio includes

  • Radar Simulator solutions, analog or networked
  • Radar Video Mixers
  • Radar Video Processors, Controlled or Black Box
  • Radar Signal Converters, Antenna Synchro Reference Converters
  • Radar Display Solutions, Radar Scan Conversion
  • Radar Target Tracking, Multiple Hypothesis Tracker, Multi Model Hypothesis Tracking

Our Products are used for

  • Oil Spill Detection
  • Wave Estimation
  • Small Target Tracking
  • Ice Detection and Processing
  • Vessel Traffic Services
  • Air and Sea Surveillance
  • Airport Surveillance
  • Signal Distribution and Conversion
  • Radar Signal Filtering and Target Extraction

Do not hesitate to contact us, all of our capabilities may not be exposed on our website.