Signal Converters for Legacy Systems

Dspnor recently supplied more than 20 custom designed Radar Signal Converters (RSCC) with a multitude of functions: Radar Video Protocol Translation Radar Control Protocol Translation Inertial Navigation Data to High Speed NMEA Translation (SAGEM) High Speed NMEA to Inertial Navigation Data Translation Although most radar task these days are performed using networks, there are still […]

ScanView Display

ScanView Type Approval

We are proud to announce that yet another customer has achieved Typed Approval for a system which includes several components from the ScanView Framework.The ScanView Framework contains components for virtually any task involving Radar Processing, Radar Tracking and Radar Signal Distribution and demanding customers puts a welcoming pressure on us to perform.A Type Approval means […]

DeStreamer MK II

DeStreamer to MIL-STD- 461

The DeStreamer LAN to Analog Radar Converter has been certified to the MIL-STD-461 (Surface Ships) standard by one of our customers. This standard verifies that the equipment is electromagnetically safe to use onboard military ships. This will imply that the ScanStreamer will achieve the same performance as the ScanStreamer has the same mechanical and electrical […]


ScanSweeper EOL

The ScanSweeper series has reached end of life and will no longer be maintained. Replacement boards will be available. Recommended replacement product is the ScanStreamer series


Synchro Converter MK IV is ready!

The new MK IV version is available immediately, and the first units have already shipped.MK IV offers improved circular connectors, it easier to install and easier to setup.

DeStreamer MK II

DeStreamer MK II is ready!

The replacement for the very successful DeStreamer MK I LAN to Analog Radar Converter is ready. Offering the same reliable install and forget operation as DeStreamer MK I, it is almost Form, Fit and Function equivalent. You can read more about it here.

dspnor logo big

Dspnor to remain fully operational during the COVID 19 lockdown

As a company with customers located all over the world, we already have the required protocols and procedures for remote work in place. In order to further protect our workforce and maintain business continuity, elevated sanitation procedures are in place while keeping absolute minimum staff in-office. This ensures that smaller orders can be shipped within […]


New OEM Agreement for ScanStreamer

Dspnor has signed a new OEM agreement for the ScanStreamer Radar to LAN Processor. The agreement includes the delivery of about 200 pcs over the next couple of years. The agreement also includes custom firmware development in order to support the customer’s existing proprietary protocols. The ScanStreamer has been a success since it’s introduction in […]


Mosaic Server Capabilities Expanded

ScanView Mosaic Server can now handle up to 10 independent Radar Video Sources. By fine tuning the algorithms we are still able to achieve a really lightweight package designed for background operation. As part of the ScanView Framework the Mosaic Server can utilize any combination of input, processing and output modules available within the ScanView […]

ScanServer Dynamic BGO2

ScanView Framework in Type Approval Process

We are proud to announce that the first custom bridge system where the radar functionality fully is designed using ScanView and ScanStreamer is currently in a Type Approval Process and is expected to complete in Spring 2020. The following modules are used: ScanStreamer Radar to LAN Processor ScanView Radar Display SDK w/ ARPA ScanView Video […]