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Radar Simulation

ScanFaker Radar Display Stimulator Board Kit 

- The most versatile Radar Display Stimulator product on the market

SoftFaker Radar Display Stimulation Server

- The LAN based version of the ScanFaker Board

ScanFaker Digital Radar Simulator II - Networked Radar Simulator

- High resolution network optimized Radar Simulation Engine.

Radar Distribution

Programmable Radar Interface Board 

- The ultimate solution for signal conversion, protocol conversion and video distribution. A handy tool for the systems integrator.

Radar Signal Converter Cabinet 

- A complete radar signal distribution node ready to install.

Radar Synchro Azimuth Converter 

- Convert between synchro and common ACC/ARP formats including Sperry BME, Raytheon and Atlas.

ScanView Framework

- A massive collection of modules performing radar processing, tracking, distribution, simulation and scanconversion. On Linux or Windows.


- Convert from LAN protocols such as Asterix (Several other protocols are supported) to analog video such as Terma, Sperry Bridgemaster/Visionmaster, Raytheon and SAAB.

Radar Processing


- Combine several radars into one picture while compensating for parallax errors. Also available as a analog video processor.

ScanStreamer Asterix Server 

- Networked Radar Distribution including a full Radar Processor.

ScanStreamer II ECDIS

- Radar Overlay Processor kit for electronic chart systems.


- PCI Express Radar Interface Boards


- Scalable Intelligent Radar Extractor and Multiple Hypothesis Target Tracker. Small Target Detection. Distributes Tracks, Video and Sensor information using Asterix, IVEF, NMEA and other protocols. Probably the most versatile radar tracker on the market.