ScanFaker Digital Radar Simulator

We’re sorry, but this product is no longer available…please see the ScanFaker DRS II.

The ScanFaker Desktop Radar Simulator represents an innovative approach of generating artificial radar video. The package consists of the extremely versatile ScanFaker Radar Display Stimulator Board bundled with the powerful MARIA client. Note that this software is not designed for navigational training, but is moving towards system validation and testing.


  • On site simulation systems
  • System evaluation and testing
  • In shop testing and development support
  • Equipment demonstrations and training
  • Migrate from PC based training to original equipment
  • Radar trainer

Connect to virtually any type of Marine Radar Display

The versatile ScanFaker stimulator card offers several different signal combinations. Any combination of PRF and PL may be generated. The ScanFaker detects the tune, PL, AFC and interswitch settings, and will generate the sweeps in accordance with these. The display will detect the ScanFaker as a transceiver. These capabilities make it perfect as a tool for both development and training.

Generate authentic Real Time Radar Scenarios

The system uses 3D data for picture generation and performs a true 3D propagation analysis for every sweep. The data format is available for most areas of the world. The scenario editor allows for a large amount of targets to traffic predetermined routes.

NMEA Output for Optimal Display Operation

The ScanFaker provides the display with the most common NMEA sentences.

Fast setup of AIS targets

A database of more than 400 different ships is supplied for easy scenario generation.

External Control

The open architecture of MARIA enables the ScanFaker DRS to be externally controlled via network or serial ports. It is possible to implement a simple trainer almost “on the fly”.