DeStreamer – LAN(Asterix / Proprietary) to Analog / Legacy Format

A versatile Network to Analogue Radar Signal Converter

As Radar signal distribution turns digital, a need for legacy equipment support has arisen; Translating the various network data formats into the “generic” analog format that legacy systems understand.

The DeStreamer unit is designed to address this issue. The unit connects to an unicast/multicast IP address and will provide a analog format familiar to the legacy systems. Once setup the unit will automatically try to connect and will never have to be setup again.

The unit is designed based on the extremely popular ScanStreamer II PCB and offers a very low cost of ownership.

The DeStreamer MK II will eventually replace the highly regarded ScanFaker PCB as the hardware companion for the ScanFaker DRS II Radar Simulator.

LAN formats accepted

  • Asterix CAT-240
  • Raytheon Nautoscan
  • Kelvin Hughes
  • RayMarine
  • SAM/Wartsila
  • Others on request

Display Systems Supported (Proprietary protocols)

  • Sperry VisionMaster
  • Decca BridgeMaster E
  • Kelvin Hughes
  • Furuno
  • JRC
  • Raytheon MK II
  • Atlas TVA (TBA)
  • Generic inputs in combat systems
  • ScanConverters from PrimaGraphics, CP, Curtiss – Wright

Video Out Signals

  • 2 Identical outputs (Advanced model)
  • Polarity: Bipolar, negative, positive or composite
  • Amplitude: (-)10 V to (+)10 V
  • Impedance: 50, 75 or 1K ohms
  • Reconstruction rate: 0.1 – 100 MHz (200 MHz possible in dedicated FW)
  • Resolution: 14 bits

Singled Ended Signals

  • 5 Programmable outputs (E.g Sync, Pre-Trigger, ACP, ARP)
  • Amplitude: 5 or 12V pulse
  • Impedance; 1K, 50 or 75 ohms
  • 4 outputs supporting +/- 6V (RS423)

 RS422 Signals

  • 4 dedicated outputs (+5V / +12V)
  • 1 programmable input/outputs (RS485 / +5V)

Miscellaneous IO

  • CAN bus (normally not populated)
  • Ethernet 10/100 / 1000
  • Parallel output for Digital to Synchro Converter

Power supplies (typical)

  • 85 – 260 VAC, 15W Peak, 6W nominal
  • 18 – 75 VDC, 15W Peak, 6W nominal (Optional)
  • Power over Ethernet (Optional, MQTO applies)

Other Information

  • EN60945 / IEC945 approved
  • MIL-STD-461F, Surface Ships
  • Rugged, lightweight
  • Standard dimensions: 220 x 115 x 70 mm
  • Proprietary protocols may be supported
  • Custom firmware may be developed
  • 2KV barrier between different systems
  • Supplied in an enclosure for hull mount (Standard) or 2U 19″ rack

Ordering Information

Product CodeDescription
DNP2015003 – xxxxMK I, replaced by MK II
DNP2018003 – 1100MK II, Standard Version, DNE5xx Enclosure
DNP2018003 – 1200MK II, Advanced Version, DNE5xx Enclosure
More versions are available with different combinations of connectors and functionality