Programmable Radar Interface Board (PRIB)

PRIB Technical Data

(Looking to digitize and process Radar Video? Please have a look at the ScanStreamer )

We have developed a number of interface solutions over the years. The Programmable Radar Interface Board(PRIB) may be described as the common denominator of these solutions. It is capable of performing several types of conversion and covers both control protocol conversion ,video splitting and polarity change. Dspnor has a large library of different functions over the years, some proprietary, some open.
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The board is normally sold installed in the Radar Signal Converter Cabinet.

The PRIB has a range of I/O’s and video circuits that enables the board to perform a number of tasks, and quite often eliminating a number of units in the signal chain. Below is a list of possible configurations:

Case : Radar Beacon / EW System Pre Trigger Combiner to Blanking Pulse

The unit can accept up to 6 different Pre – Trigger (Pre – Sync) pulses in various formats. Each pulse may be individually adjusted for blanking pulse length and delay. The resulting pulse is then combined with the other pulses and presented as an active low/high or differential pulse.

Can replace AN/SLA-10B Blanker Video Mixer in some cases.

 Case : Atlas Radar 9×00 / SAM Radar 1000/1100

Atlas is combining trigger, video and azimuth information in one signal. The PRIB is capable of separating these signals, enabling the transceiver to be connected to other types of equipment. Note that the video is not manipulated, the trigger and azimuth information is just extracted and presented as separate pulses. The board is capable of removing unwanted signals from the video.

Case : Atlas Radar 9×00 / SAM Radar 1000/1100 to Sperry VisionMaster Converter

The PRIB is extracting video, trigger, azimuth and heading marker from the TVA format and generates a VisionMaster compatible interface signal. A standby signal is also generated. Extra outputs are avilable for interfacing an ECDIS or a bridge system.

Case: Raytheon

Raytheon is also using a combined video format. In addition to trigger and azimuth, transceiver status information is provided. The PRIB can extract this information, such as pulse length and timer, and present that in a format at customers discretion.

Case: Sperry BME Distribution

Sperry BridgeMaster E is using a high speed serial protocol to transmit azimuth and transceiver status data. The PRIB can extract the azimuth and heading marker information, present them in a suitable format while the original data stream is routed to the display. A very popular solution for displaying BME data on a secondary display (typically a combat system).

Case: Azimuth Encoder Replacement

4096 encoders may produce erroneous results when used in agile vessels at high speed and bad weather. The PRIB can generate a stable 4096 pulse train from a 360 ppr generator or a 90 ppr Berger synchro, removing the need for extra filtering. The gain loop is adjustable.

Case: Azimuth Signal Conversion

This firmware converts one type of azimuth reference signal to another.
Usually between 4096 ppr and 360 ppr, but pretty much any format and up/down conversion is supported.
The pseudo -pll is adaptive and supports any speed between 6 and 120 rpm’s.

Case: North Pulse Generation

When replacing synchro based antenna reference systems with pulsed based this version may ease the transition. This firmware generates a pulse width modulated azimuth pulse and a north marker pulse ensuring that the number of pulses in between every north pulse stays the same (typically 4096 or 8192).  It requires a 4096 ppr azimuth reference and a NMEA Gyro signal.

Case: Synchro Conversion

By using an add in board the PRIB may convert or generate azimuth signals to and from different synchro/resolver formats.
One popular solution is to convert from SAM/Atlas TVA format to synchro.

Case: Terma Radar Signal Distribution

The PRIB is capable of distributing the high voltage video from the Terma with no loss. The trigger, azimuth (ACP) and heading marker (ARP)  signals may be accepted and distributed as RS422, 5V or 12V.

Case: High Speed RS422 Signal Distribution

The PRIB is capable of distributing RS422 signals with a speed up to 10Mb/s.