ScanMixer III

Merge Two Independent Radar Sensors into One

ScanMixer Technical Data

The Problem

A single sensor will seldom have a true 360° undisturbed view.
Modern ships have a multitude of sensors that require line of sight, require a certain distance from other sensors or vessels simply having a limited upmast space.

In addition, it might be desirable to merge information from bow or aft radar sensors together with the navigational video in the bridge consoles.

For a navigator a display containing one or several blind sectors is one source of disturbance.
Loss of track information and sudden changes in return from land and other objects is another, and constantly having to change radar source or move to a different radar display is definitely a third.

The Solution

The ScanMixer III may merge two independent radars (optionally of different type), into one picture thus preventing loss of tracking information in blind sectors. It corrects parallax errors in real time with a resolution of 3 meters.

The resulting video  is available as generic or manufacturer specific analog video.

The ScanMixer III has a versatile radar interface and is available in a number of different configurations:

  • PCB Only
  • EN60945 approved enclosure without bypass board
  • EN60945 approved enclosure with bypass board (Seen above)

A versatile board

This product may solve other problems for our customers such as:

  • Digitize analog video, transmit over copper or fiber and restore to original format
  • Convert miscellaneous radar signal formats to composite video format (Raytheon, Atlas, RADDS)
  • Synchronize transponder video to radar video

Ordering Information

Product CodeDescription
DNP2009009-012PCB Only, V 1.2
DNP2009009-103DNE2xx enclosure
DNP2009009-300DNE3xx enclosure, bypass board (As above)