ScanFaker Digital Radar Simulator II – Networked Radar Simulator

The ScanFaker DRS II is a network enabled standalone radar simulation component. The propagation analysis takes multiple parameters into account, and the target engine simulates a quite physically correct return energy.

Why ScanFaker DRS?
Developed within the ScanView Framework, the ScanFaker DRS can utilize all the clients and servers available within the Framework. This means that most of these components are already in use in a live system somewhere in the world, on land, sea and now also in air.


  • Exact placement of multiple radar transceivers
  • Exact generation of target returns
  • Exact correlation between target returns from multiple radars
  • Exact correlation between transponder data and targets
  • On the fly change of transponder and target video behavior (using remote control)
  • Run as a service, fully remote controlled using JSON or Asterix
  • 64 Bit for Windows or Linux
  • Highly suitable for use in Virtual Machines

Intended use:

  • Radar Systems Training
  • Tracking verification
  • Radar Systems Verification
  • VTS operator training with multiple radars
  • On-board training
  • Tactical trainers

The following targets may be simulated:

  • Ships of any size and speed
  • Airplanes of any size and speed
  • Vesta Helicopter Transponder (To be removed)
  • IFF Modes 1, Mode 2 and Mode 3
  • Rain & Sea clutter
  • Transceiver noise
  • Linear, Logarithmic and MTI video
  • Adjustable antenna and transmitter parameters

Radar Video Protocol Servers:

  • Asterix CAT-240
  • Kelvin Hughes / Hensoldt Magnetron
  • Sperry
  • Raymarine
  • Navico
  • SAM / Wartsila Platinum
  • Raytheon Nautoscan
  • Terma
  • Other protocols on request
  • Analog signals via ScanFaker PCB or DeStreamer
  • Remote control is available/can be developed for some Transceivers

Track Protocols:

  • Asterix CAT-010
  • Asterix CAT-048
  • Asterix CAT-062
  • AIS
  • IVEF
  • ADS-B
  • Other protocols on request

Other IO:

  • PNG Image over HTTP
  • JSON Datasets over HTTP
  • Shared Memory (Requires SDK)

Ordering Information:

(May also be bundled together with ScanServer Small Target Tracker or a ScanView Display)

Product CodeDescription
DNP2014002-000ScanFaker DRS II SDK (One Radar Platform)
DNP2014002-101ScanFaker DRS II Additional Radar Platforms
DNP2014002-900ScanFaker DRS II – Annual Maintenance


Single target illuminated by 4 transceivers:

Below is an example output from the simulator in flight mode, about 500 meters above sea level:

The DRS II engine may be supplied bundled inside the ScanView Radar Display Framework. Please see the video below:

(Please note the correlation between the real radar image and the simulated one):