ScanFaker Radar Display Stimulator Board

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ScanFaker Technical Data

The versatile ScanFaker Radar Display Stimulator Card can interface to virtually any radar display on the market today.
It enables the system integrator to reuse existing radar simulation software when interfacing to a new product.

Transceiver-like behavior

Most modern radar systems communicate via a proprietary protocol using RS422, CAN bus or similar.
The ScanFaker supports almost any protocol on the market today with more to follow.
The transceiver-like behavior tricks the display into behaving as it would towards it’s normal transceiver counterpart.
Several ScanFaker boards may be synchronized in order to produce multi channel video and phase information.

Real world control

The ScanFaker currently supports 8 different pulse length sets and their corresponding PRF. It accepts tune messages via one of the buses or by a voltage.
A tune feedback message/voltage may then be returned based on the characteristics of the selected radar.
Furthermore, the ScanFaker supports swept gain, AFC, on-board programmable STC and interswitch communication.

Unrivalled video generation

The video circuits support pulse lengths as short as 10ns in addition to built-in support for composite video signals as used by Raytheon and Atlas.
Note that the board does not perform propagation analysis, that task is left to the host program.

Programming Interface

The API contains all functions necessary to operate the card. The user friendly interface enables quick and reliable integration.
The ScanFaker API is available for Win7/8 (32/64), Win 10 (32/64) and Linux (32/64).

Drivers for Windows 2000/XP does exists but are no longer maintained.
The API is released towards a NDA.

Kit contents:

  • ScanFaker Radar Display Stimulator Board
  • ScanFaker Distribution Board (New Customers)
  • Cable for ScanFaker Distribution Board (New Customers)

Ordering Information

Product CodeDescription
DNP2009006-043Standard PCIe Board
DNP2009010Swiss Interface Board
DNP2019004Furuno 2xx8 Interface Kit