ScanStreamer ECDIS

ECDIS Radar Overlay Processor

The ScanStreamer ECDIS is designed to present a ready filtered and processed image to ECDIS clients. It can connect to a large number of radar types and is an affordable alternative to the full featured ScanStreamer Standard.

The output data format is Asterix CAT-240 over UDP (Multi/Unicast) with a maximum speed of 96MB/s.

The processor has multiple filters such as

  • Interference rejection (IR)
  • Anti clutter rain (FTC)
  • Anti clutter sea (STC)
  • Ordered Statistics CFAR
  • Automatic gain control (AGC)

The ScanStreamer maybe setup using JSON files, Web or Asterix CAT-253.

Low cost of ownership

There are no moving parts, no operating system, no harddrives and no risk of computer virus. It is a truly install and forget product. The ScanStreamer series has already be installed in about 1000 systems all over the world and has since it’s introduction never failed in operation.

NMEA / AIS Multicast server

The unit has 3 multicast servers that can be used to transmit serial data from NMEA or AIS units. Two of the inputs are dedicated for this use and is optically isolated.

Approvals and Tests

The ScanStreamer ECDIS has undergone the following tests:

  • Maritime EMC and environment: EN60945
  • Shock: IEC 60068-2-27 ( 80g )
  • Vibration: IEC 60068-2-6 (MIL-HDBK-2036)
  • Radar overlay for ECDIS: IEC 62388 (Pending)

Free Radar ScanConverter Software

Our customers may choose to utilize our extremely lightweight software ScanConverter Service which is free for use with the ScanStreamer ECDIS. The software is tailored for ECDIS computers. You may read more about the software here.

Security / Safety

Another important issue is system separation: Radar data may safely be distributed from the navigation system to other systems without risk of compromising the integrity of any of the systems. (That also applies to NMEA sensor data). The network is galvanic isolated by default,  further isolation may be achieved using optical converters.

Extremely Versatile Radar Interface

The ScanStreamer ECDIS can connect to any analog radar on the market and has built in decoders for all the proprietary protocols used. The ScanStreamer ECDIS may be used with:

  • Sperry Rascar, Sperry BridgeMaster and Sperry VisionMaster
  • Decca BridgeMaster II
  • Kelvin Hughes Nucleus, Kelvin Hughes Manta and Manta Digital
  • RayMarine E80 / E120 series
  • Raytheon MKI, MKII and NSC
  • Atlas Radar 9600,  Atlas Radar 9800
  • SAM Radar 1000, Radar 1100 and NACOS
  • Tokimec 3400
  • Furuno FAR-2xx5 /FAR – 2xx7 /M18xx / M19xx
  • JRC JMA6xx /JMA51xx / JMA51xx / JMA90xx / 91xx / 92xx /
  • Swiss Radar
  • Kongsberg DB-2000 / DB-10
  • Consilium
  • GEM
  • Terma
  • Navico
  • Thales
  • SAAB
  • Northrop Grumman

 Ordering Information

  • DNP2016009 – TBA: Board only
  • DNP2016009 – TBA: Enclosure, aluminium
  • DNP2016009 – TBA: Enclosure, Rack 2U

A well documented development kit is available under NDA.

The development kit comes with a starter version of the powerful ScanView Client Radar visualization software.
This software includes a plugin for setting up the ScanStreamer board.