ScanStreamer – Analog Radar to LAN Converter

Convert any Radar Video to a Processed Asterix CAT-240 Network Stream!

ScanStreamer Technical Data

A Versatile Radar Processor and Converter

The extremely versatile ScanStreamer unit can connect to virtually any radar transceiver on the market without any converters. It is designed to directly interpret the proprietary protocols used by the different manufacturers. It is currently offered with two protocols, dspnor proprietary and Asterix CAT-240 (UDP Unicast).

The efficient Ethernet design enables the board to transmit up to 98MB/s.

Several customers are using their own proprietary LAN protocol.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications
The ScanStreamer currently serves as a processor for applications used for Oil Spill Detection, C2 Systems, OEM Radar Processor, Ice Navigation, Wave Estimation, Small Target Trackers, Coastal Surveillance, WECDIS/ ECDIS Radar Overlay, Situational Awareness Systems and Generic Radar Processing.

Transceiver Control
The ScanStreamer can fully control a number of transceivers and more may be added. The unit supports RS232, RS485, RS422 and CAN bus.

Dedicated NMEA Multicast Server
The unit has two optically isolated inputs and one spare input for NMEA/AIS signals that may be distributed over LAN using the embedded multicast server.

Extremely Low Cost of Ownership
There are no moving parts, no operating system, no harddrives and no risk of computer virus. It is a truly install and forget product. As of 2018 the MTBF of the MK I version was more than 23M hours!

The Radar Processor
is useful should the resulting radar video be fed into systems with few or no processing capabilities such as chart systems and command & control systems. It contains the following components;

  • Interference Reject Filter
  • Rain Clutter Filter (FTC)
  • Sea Clutter Filter (STC)
  • Clutter Map Filter
  • Modified Ordered Statistics CFAR
  • Custom filtering packages
  • Lossless ZLIB Compression (TBA)

Another important issue is system separation:
Radar data may safely be distributed from the navigation system to other systems without risk of compromising the integrity of any of the systems. (That also applies to NMEA sensor data).
The network is galvanically isolated by default, and further isolation may be achieved using optical converters. The unit is EN60945 approved.

The firmware is encrypted using AES-256 which is matched with an internal key. Any attempt to replace the firmware with a non-authorized version will simply prevent the unit from staring. Further, the OS is highly customized and any unnecessary networking components are removed.

Ordering Information
The unit may be ordered complete in the standard seawater resistant aluminum enclosure, in a 2U rack or PCB only. We also offer a number of options such as SMB connectors, coating and DC power supplies.

ScanStreamer Standard:

  • DNP2016009 – 0100: PCB Only
  • DNP2016009 – 1100: Enclosure, 2 BNC

ScanStreamer Asterix Server:

  • DNP2016009 – 0200: PCB Only
  • DNP2016009 – 1200: Enclosure, 2 BNC

A well documented development kit available under NDA.

The development kit comes with a starter version of the powerful ScanView Client Radar visualization software.
This software includes a plugin for setting up the ScanStreamer board.


Custom Functionality
Custom functionality may be added at the customers discretion