Radar Video Compression

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Innovative Raw Radar Video Compression Algorithm!

Dspnor researchers have developed a lossy video compression algorithm that shows great promise in reducing network bandwidth requirements. The algorithm is currently under verification but is expected to be included in the ScanStreamer radar to LAN converter summer 2014. The new feature will be made available as a firmware upgrade for our existing customers.

The compression ration is selectable, enabling the user to trade between resolution and bandwidth. It is a per-trigger compression algorithm, hence electromagnetic noise and interference on the transport media will only influence parts of a vector and not the whole image.

By using this compression feature the customer will be offered the following benefits:

  • Highly resilient algorithm, loss of data will only partially influence the current vector.
  • Simultaneously display high resolution radar video from multiple sources using a standard network infrastructure.
  • Ease network planning during retrofits.
  • Record high resolution trigger/azimuth exact images with up to 93% reduction in bandwidth requirements.
  • Transmit high resolution radar video over link systems with limited bandwidth available.
  • Use the ScanStreamer unit as a single interface unit at a remote radar node without using personal computers and still achieve high compression rates.

Preliminary visual results are shown below. The images are from a 25KW marine radar, range varying from 1 to 2 nm. The images shows clearly that even with a reduction in bandwidth of 87 % a very high quality image is presented.

At a later stage qualified prospective customers may submit datasets for verification. The libraries will be made available for Windows and Linux.