ScanServer – Dynamic Platform

Designed using the ScanView Framework, the ScanServer – Dynamic Platform will automatically extract and track any targets that the connected radar has detected. Using a number of sophisticated and proven algorithms the system can present moving targets after only 2 scans. A number is settings are available in order for the user to decide on the agility of the system.

Born and bred in the Norwegian Sea, the ScanServer Dynamic is an all weather Plot Extractor and Multiple Hypothesis Tracker and it is probably the most sophisticated automatic radar tracker on the market today. It’s performance is second to none, and with more than 250 installations of it’s Coastal Surveillance counterpart it has already proven it’s reliability and low cost of ownership.

Radar sensor input connectors:

  • Video (Analog): ScanSweeper Radar Input Board
  • Video (Analog): ScanStreamer Radar to LAN Converter
  • Video (Analog): Third party Radar Digitizers
  • Video (LAN): Asterix CAT – 240 (Others on request)
  • Video (LAN): GEM, Navico, SAAB, Airbus, Kelvin Hughes, Raymarine, Raytheon and… (Always evolving)
  • Track data: NMEA xxTTM, AIS, ADS-B, Asterix CAT-048 (Local), CAT-062 (Global), CAT-010 (Surface)
  • Navigational Sensors: NMEA almost any relevant type
  • Status: Asterix CAT-253, HTTP or JSON

Processor Components:

  • 2D Advanced Radar Processor including clutter maps and OSCFAR
  • 2D Intelligent Extractor
  • 2D Single Model Multiple Hypothesis Extractor (Tested to 25000 targets)
  • 2D Multi Model Multiple Hypothesis Extractor (Tested to 25000 targets)
  • 3rd party components
  • Automatic and manual tracking zone generator

Output Servers:

  • Tracks: Asterix CAT-048 (Local), CAT-062 (Global), IVEF, NMEA TTM
  • Tracks: JSON (HTTP friendly) or IVEF
  • Video: Asterix CAT-240 (Compression)
  • Video: Ready scan-converted image (png)
  • MPEG 4 Video Stream
  • Status: Embedded in Asterix CAT-253 or JSON
  • Full HTTP server

Please contact us should you require any specialized modules.

The system is completely remote configurable, and runs as a service or as a command line application. The system may be extended with a ScanServer Fusion Server and may also receive simulated data from the ScanFaker DRS II Radar Simulator.


The ScanServer Dynamic is highly scalable and multi-platform enabled thus it can be used in a number of applications:

  • Radar Server for Security Display systems
  • Radar Server for Command & Control Systems
  • Radar Server for Unmanned Surface Vehicles
  • Radar Server for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • ARPA Radar Tracker

A possible configuration

The components may be used several placed in the processing chain: