ScanView Protocol Converter

ScanView Protocol Converter

 The sheer number of protocols in use today can cause both problems and confusion when combining systems of different age and make. Dspnor has for many years offered a solution for analog signaling and now we are doing the same for the network domain. The ScanView Protocol Converter is capable of reading a large number of different formats and convert them to other useful formats.

The ScanView Protocol Converter can be supplied as a software application running as a service on Windows or Linux, or readily installed on an embedded computer as shown above.

Each package also contains a webserver which enables tracks and radar images to be output as web friendly PNG images and JSON data.

Radar Video Protocol Converters:

  • Kelvin Hughes / Hensoldt Magnetron to Asterix CAT-240
  • Raymarine to Asterix CAT-240
  • Navico 3G to Asterix CAT-240
  • SAM / Wartsila Platinum to Asterix CAT-240
  • Raytheon Nautoscan to Asterix CAT-240
  • SAAB AMB to Asterix CAT-240
  • Terma to Asterix CAT-240

In addition the output from Transceivers already supporting Asterix CAT-240 may be converted to HTTP images.

Other output servers than Asterix CAT-240 and HTTP PNG are available.

Track Protocol Converters:

  • NMEA TTM to Asterix CAT-010/048/062 / IVEF / AIS VDM / HTTP JSON
  • Asterix CAT-010/048/062 to NMEA TTM / IVEF / AIS VDM / HTTP JSON
  • IVEF to NMEA TTM / Asterix CAT-010/048/062 / AIS VDM / HTTP JSON
  • AIS VDM to IVEF / NMEA TTM / Asterix CAT-010/048/062 / HTTP JSON

Some of the converter configurations requires position information.

Fanless Computer

  • Intel Atom
  • PSU: +9 – +36 VDC
  • Downscaled Linux Operating System
  • Dual LAN ports
  • Dual RS422 ports
  • EN60945 / IEC945 approved.

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