ScanView Radar Display SDK

The ScanView Radar Display SDK consists of 3 primary components:

  • Source Connector (Typically  Asterix CAT-240)
  • Radar Display Filter
  • ScanConverter Service
  • Optionally an ARPA tracker

The package contains the components required to design an IMO approved Radar Display.

Source Connector

Typically the Asterix CAT-240 is used but also other modules are available. This module is required in order to receive data from the  ScanStreamer product series, but also quite a few Radar Manufacturer supports the protocol.

The source connector may be any of the connectors available within the ScanView Framework.

Radar Display Filter

This module contains the filters required to produce a clean image and includes:

  • AC Rain
  • AC Sea
  • Ordered Statistics CFAR
  • Scan to Scan Integration
  • Gain and thresholding

ScanConverter Service

This module was originally designed for radar chart overlay and is extremely lightweight. A lot of resources have been spent optimizing the code for use with ECDIS computers which quite often lacks powerful graphics and processing power.

The scanconverted image is made available to the host program via shared memory.

The following scanconversion schemes are available to the user:

  • Lookup table
  • Direct floating point
  • Direct floating point w/interpolation
  • OpenGl (OpenGl ES 2)

The software runs as a service under Windows and Linux on x86 and ARM platforms.

The remote control API is well documented and enables the user to produce a working display within a very short amount of time. Working examples in multiple languages are available. And as always, the user does not have to compile in any dll’s, communication is all done trough protocols and shared memory.

Available as single use license or corporate annual subscription.

Ordering Information

DNP2013003 – 03x: ScanView Radar Display SDK