ScanServer Radar Processor & Tracker

Designed using the ScanView Framework, the ScanServer is designed to process distribute radar data and tracks as efficient as possible. A selection of source connectors and protocol servers enables the ScanServer to connect to virtually any Radar system out there. We have designed the following application packages:

  • ScanServer – Coastal Surveillance Server
  • ScanServer – Dynamic Platform Server
  • ScanServer – Small Target Tracker
  • ScanServer – SMR (Airport Surface Movement Radar Server)
  • ScanServer – Drone Tracker
  • ScanServer – Wind Farm Surveillance Server (For automatic light control and surveillance)

The ScanServer is an all weather Track Extractor and Multiple Hypothesis Tracker and it is probably the most sophisticated coastal surveillance tracker on the market today. It’s performance is second to none, and with more than 400 installations it has already proven it’s reliability and low cost of ownership. It is fully configurable with regards to agility and target behavior.

Below is an example of the small target tracking performance of the ScanServer:

Even higher performance can be obtained if the targets of interest are slow floating objects like containers, swimmers, mines or timber. The performance is obtained using a combination of image processing and machine learning.

The different application packages is built on the same module, but differs in templates and additional modules.

Please contact us should you require any specialized modules. Or have any questions.

The Technology Behind

The heart of the ScanServer is it’s track extraction technology which is based on image processing assisted by machine learning. Once the targets has been extracted they are fed to a highly configurable Multiple Hypothesis  Tracker, generally accepted as the best tracker technology available.

All modules listed under the ScanView main page are compatible and can be utilized in custom systems.