ScanView Surveillance Display

The ScanView Surveillance Display is a radar oriented information display which offers market leading radar imaging functions. The display can handle a large number of sources only limited by network and processing capabilities.

Developed within the ScanView Framework it has a large number of protocol clients, processors and servers that can be utilized to build a customized implementation.

Intended Use

  • Service display for onboard systems
  • Service display for VTS / MDA / Satellite Radar Sites
  • Backup Surveillance Display
  • Local area surveillance display
  • Development support, Multiple Doppler bins can be turned on and off

Key Features

  • Simultaneously display a large number of radar sources
  • Display tracks and radar image from moving platforms (Vehicles, Satellites, Ships, Patrol Boats)
  • Individually process each radar source
  • Individually colorize each source
  • Handle up to 64K track objects
  • Manually add tracks, possible tracks and observations
  • Manually add static objects and zones
  • Programmable alarms
  • Searchable target list
  • Extensive target information available

Ordering Information

Product CodeDescription
DNP2013003 – 130ScanView Surveillance Display with 2 Radar Sources and 2 Track sources
DNP2013003 – 131Add additional radar source
DNP2013003 – xxxAnnual Maintenance