ScanView Track Fusion Server

Multi Sensor Fusion

For systems with multiple transceivers and transponders it is imperative that the massive flood of track data is organized and fused in order to increase the operator awareness and/or the decision system usefulness.
The ScanView Track Fusion Server correlates all available data from Navigation Systems, Radar Trackers, IVEF links, AIS and ADS-B transponders and other proprietary track sources in order to provide a clean and updated situational picture.
The Multi Sensor Correlation Engine filters every track object before the matching process occurs.
If a successful fuse has occurred then the new object is given a unique number is issued and corresponding information is tagged to this object.

The fused data are available in a number of formats such as:

  • Asterix CAT – 010 / 048 / 062
  • NMEA xxTTM
  • AIS
  • IVEF

A thorough analysis of track sources and number of tracks are required in order to select a suitable the HW platform.

Ordering Information

DNP2013003 – 40x ScanView Track Fusion Server