ScanView Video Mosaic Server

Merge Multiple Radar Sources

For years our ScanMixer product line has been used to merge two radar video sources into one image in real time.
In today’s networked architecture standalone embedded solutions may not fulfill the ever changing requirements from the customer.
And two sources are no longer enough. The ScanView Mosaic Server may merge as many as 10 individual inputs into one image with virtual no practical limitations with regards to resolution and range.
Configuration dependent, the resulting image may be motion compensated and parallax offset corrected in real-time.

The versatility of the ScanView Framework allows you to merge radar video from multiple brands simultaneously and present the result in a format you desire.

The Mosaic Module is also useful in training environments where synthetic data may be merged into live radar data in real-time. The synthetic data may be generated by ScanFaker DRSII.

The HW requirements is dependent on number of radars connected, range, resolution and motion compensation requirements.

The Mosaic component may be mixed with any other component from the ScanView Framework in order to make up  a complete 360 degree awareness system. Further, Servers using proprietary protocols may be attached in order to feed other systems.

Image made of two radars

TL: Aft Radar TR: Bow Radar, BL: Merged Raw Image BR. Lightly Filtered Merged Raw Image

Ordering Information

DNP2013003-50x: ScanView Mosaic Server