SoftFaker Radar Display Simulation Server

Networked based Radar Display Simulation Server

As LAN is slowly replacing the coaxial cables in radar installations worldwide it is natural for the ScanFaker family to follow along. Networked radar distribution offers several advances compared to traditional cabling but also a few challenges. One of the challenges is that the radar manufacturers have made their control protocols a bit more complex. The SoftFaker hides the complexity from the end user and offers the same simple to use API as for the ScanFaker Board. In fact, it’s identical but with a few more API calls.

If you are already using the ScanFaker boards in your application then the upgrade is painless, but the process may require a recompile of the host application.

The structure is shown below:

The SoftFaker application runs as a service under Linux and Windows and is a part of the ScanView Framework. The ScanView Framework is used in every application we design thus ensuring that the number of users are high. It has already passed several millions of hours in continuous 24/7 operation worldwide and has established itself as a stable application framework.

Systems Supported

  • Asterix
  • Kelvin Hughes
  • RayMarine

More interfaces are currently in design.

Ordering Information

DNP2009006 – 100: SoftFaker for RayMarine (Locked using license files. We offer free licenses for developers)