Live Radar Data

Qualified customers may get access to our radars where the following data formats are available:

  • Asterix CAT 048
  • Asterix CAT 062
  • Asterix CAT 240
  • Asterix CAT 253
  • Ready scan- converted image format
  • AIS
  • Dspnor proprietary format
  • ScanStreamer compressed
  • Others on request

The sources available are

  • Navigational radar, 6 ft Antenna, 25 Kw (1-2)
  • ScanFaker DRS II Radar Simulator (As many instances as required)

We have been offering this service for several years, and it has proven to be a crucial factor during system integration and testing.

Please note that the live radars are in constantly use by dspnor for testing and verification and the availability is purely at our discretion.

Qualified customers will receive a VPN client and a password in order to connect to the radars.